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Keeping a website up-to-date can be a time-consuming job. We take that stress away from the marketing team at Cameron House Hotel as we provide them with support in maintaining their website with fresh content.

On a monthly basis, C2C work with Cameron House on the following tasks to ensure that the website continues to be a vital e-commerce platform -

  • Managing new and existing web pages including F&B events, blogs, offers, campaign landing pages etc
  • Replacing, adding or removing content as briefed or supplied by Cameron House
  • Copywriting and copy editing
  • Image sourcing and resizing
  • Ensuring that all web pages and content are structured, styled appropriately and ready for the web, by checking and flagging any broken links or issues with the CMS
  • Liaising with the website provider regarding new functionality, site improvements and bug fixing

Check out the Cameron House website here: 

Click2Convert provide excellent ongoing support with our website. They are proactive in keeping the site up-to-date with fresh content and reactive to business demands.

Gemma Hegarty, Marketing Manager, Cameron House on Loch Lomond