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In order to build on and enhance the current Cameron House social media strategy, Click2Convert were tasked with the following objectives:

1. Increase the total number of fans across both Twitter & Facebook - including a focus on key international markets.
2. Increase engagement rates across the board.
3. Improve sentiment across the UK and internationally.


By creating a monthly content strategy and carrying out daily community management, Click2Convert have achieved all objectives within first 6 months of campaign:

• 23.7% increase in fans (organic) across both Twitter & Facebook.
• 148% increase in fan engagement across both Twitter & Facebook.
• 108% increase in Facebook reach.

Scroll down to find out what Shona Brierton, Sales & Marketing Manager for Cameron House, has to say about the results we've achieved.

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“Click2Convert have provided us with a great social media strategy which has helped us increase our social media fan base and engagement rate.”

Shona Brierton, Sales & Marketing Manager, Cameron House on Loch Lomond