Hootsuite 2022 Digital Report: Your Bitesize Round-Up

15th Dec 22 . News, Social Media, SEO, PPC

Hootsuite have released their Digital2022 report detailing their review of digital behaviours this year. We’ve pulled together everything you need to know in one bite-sized blog post with insights into figures, trends and the evolving digital world.

With 2022 coming to a close, we can use the data collected from the year to reflect upon our digital strategies and make adjustments based on the findings going into 2023.

The Data That You Need to Know

The modern world we live in revolves around technology and digital, so it came as no surprise that in 2022 the amount of people that do not use social media has fallen below 3 billion. This means that an astounding 4.62 billion people around the globe use social media - a +10% increase from last year.

Simon Kemp, the CEO of Kepios had this to say on the matter:

“Social media user numbers continue to grow faster than they did pre-pandemic, with the global total still increasing at a rate of almost 13.5 new users every second.”

With 58.4% of the population scrolling Instagram, catching up with loved ones on Facebook or chatting the day away on WhatsApp, there is no better time to up your social media game. Paid social ads are a fantastic way to get your brand out there and get those all-important click throughs - however, now is also a great time to work on your community engagement to strengthen brand health. Get talking to your followers and those who interact with your posts. Define those relationships and establish new ones. Brand loyalty should be at the forefront of everything you do as a brand on social media.

Additionally, the report stated that the use of integrated or location hashtags on social media is less effective and there is an uptick in keywords for searches - making your SEO habits that much more important going into 2023.

The Hootsuite report told us that out of the 62.5 million people in the UK who use the Internet, an average of 6 hours 58 minutes is spent online daily. Of those hours, two hours and 27 minutes are spent on social media per day. This data shows us that there are a whole host of opportunities for your brand to establish and streamline your online presence.

24.5% of social media users use these channels to find products to purchase; and with the global population spending 19.6 hours on social media per month, your paid ads can reach the right audience to elevate your business.

In January 2022, the report tells us that ‘finding information’ was the top reason people used the internet - with 91% of those searches happening on Google. Finding information about your business should be easy for any user, and so it’s more imperative than ever that your SEO campaigns are top-quality. More keywords means more visits and, subsequently, more business and brand awareness for you. Worldwide the number one method of finding businesses online is through search engines at 31.7%, followed by TV ads at 31.1%. Ensure your page is the first to display on search engines like Google by dedicated time, energy and budget to your Paid Media and SEO campaigns.

How Click2Convert Can Help

We’re experts in hospitality digital marketing, and with a growing team of dedicated and experienced SEO, PPC, Content and Social Media experts, we’re stronger and more passionate than ever going into 2023. To find out how we can elevate your business and help you reach your goals, browse our services to find out what we do at Click2Convert and how we can help.

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