How Artificial Intelligence is Changing SEO

25th Jan 23 . News, Social Media, SEO

SEO content creation is evolving faster than ever, and AI has already made its mark in the world of content production.

The use of AI is rapidly changing the way that SEO content is created and, for those seeking to improve their search engine rankings and drive more traffic to their web pages, it’s becoming an increasingly hard to ignore tool.

Unique and Natural Content 

One of the ways that AI is helping to improve the efficiency of SEO work is with the implementation of Natural Language Processing Techniques, or NLP. This feature allows the AI to understand, interpret and generate human language to produce the best possible results for your website. This is particularly useful for insights on which terms your target audience are searching for, as well as creating high ranking content for your key search terms.

Although the content produced by AI is natural and could be viewed as human-written, there is always the chance that algorithms will pick up on the AI generated copy and suppress the ranking performance of the webpage on popular search engines such as Google and Bing.

Google's Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, responded to the SEO community about Google's stance on such AI-generated content and had this to say via Twitter:

“As said before when asked about AI, content created primarily for search engine rankings, however it is done, is against our guidance. If content is helpful & created for people first, that's not an issue."

Due to this risk, AI written content will always require a human touch to ensure the content is in line with Google’s guidelines to prevent issues. Additionally, in order to help the AI produce top-quality content for the terms you require, you will need to perfect the prompts you provide to the AI. This is a skill-set that all content creators and SEO managers will have to become proficient in as we see AI SEO content take off in the future.

Our Findings

Through our own research, we have found that ChatGPT has the potential to create unique, keyword focused content for your webpages. For example, if you wish to create location pages targeting users in a certain geographical area, but require the content on the page to be unique, ChatGPT can create new, one-of-a-kind content for each page, saving you valuable time and resources.

In essence, using AI carefully to augment your efforts allows you to spend more time in the research phase of content creation, allowing you to incorporate more references to research, more supplementary content, generally enhancing the utility of your information and its E-E-A-T signals.

It’s important to note that it’s still essential to draw from local expertise to add additional insights, location specific references to entities, and find many other ways to ensure your page goes over-and-above in terms of supplementary content and expertise compared to your competitors, depending on the competition in your niche.

How AI Can Impact Your SEO Campaign

Artificial intelligence is growing at a rate that we've never seen before. It's quickly adapting to our needs and habits, and has the potential to dramatically change SEO and content writing in a positive way—as long as we make the effort to let it.

With proper, fleshed-out prompts, AI can produce unique and quality content for your webpages and, if implemented, can increase the efficiency and quality of your SEO pages overall with target keywords and search terms to drive traffic to your website. This can save time and create more opportunity for fine-tuning campaigns to ensure you’re producing excellent work.

At all costs, avoid simply generating content and adding that as the main information on the page. Although Artificial Intelligence is capable of creating very insightful content, without the human touch, content will be in danger of becoming a slightly reworded carbon-copy of a myriad of content that exists elsewhere on the web.

As always, extra insights, stats, commentary, expert insights and contributions and much more will add an extra dimension to your content, to set it apart from existing content out there.

AI is very much not limited to just content generation, there are a myriad of other use-cases and applications, many of which are just being discovered now, with ChatGPT itself supporting your SEO campaign in different ways, for example:

  • Generate topics, keywords or ideas to target
  • Generate meta data, page titles & meta descriptions based on your requirements
  • Answer FAQs you create related to your page's information
  • Group keywords based on searcher intent or by topic
  • Re-write or re-word content that is at risk of duplication
  • Created structured data and schema
  • Create outreach emails

We are just scratching the surface by covering content creation, and with video quickly becoming the medium of choice for a range of demographics and intents, and being a key way to enhance content engagement and dwell time. A range of AI platforms exist to make video scale without requiring big budgets, with AI that creates videos from text presented by a realistic human, scaling personalised videos, and with text to speech platforms improving in quality for voice-overs on animated video.

The Future of SEO

From a purely SEO perspective, it will take time for AI-created content to fully replace human-created content. While it may not make the next great novel, or the next blockbuster, who's to say that it won't make a catchy tweet or even a handful of witty Instagram captions?

Nevertheless, we're optimistic about AI and its use in writing content for the digital marketing industry and beyond. Time will tell how Google and other search engines respond to AI generated content but one thing is for sure: content writing and SEO will never be the same again. Microsoft has invested in the technology, so we can determine from their interest and investment that AI will have some impact on content and SEO in the coming years.

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