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Amy Lightbody
16th Nov 21 . Amy Lightbody . Social Media

Making the most of Instagram’s Professional Dashboard to grow your business and keep up-to-date.

Instagram has always offered insights and tools for businesses to boost their account and try new features. However, it’s now easier than ever with everything in one place. Instagram consolidated all their analytical and business tools into one simple and easy-to-use dashboard for all businesses and creators.

Instead of collating the information from across the app yourself, you can find all the information you need to optimise your strategy in one place. Instagram created the dashboard with three main aspects - insights, tools and information - so you can cross examine everything in the one place.

Looking to streamline your Instagram management? Find out the benefits of Instagram’s professional dashboard and how we can help you inform your strategy and boost your growth.


The first thing you’ll see in the dashboard is an overview of your account’s insights, highlighting your account’s overall reach trends. You can then deep-dive into the insights and analyse all your metrics in more detail.

Use this section to monitor your results & identify any recurring trends. Tracking metrics, such as likes and comments, will help you understand how your followers are interacting and using your content.

Your insights will give you the ability to inform your strategy. Take a look at your accounts main demographics, where they’re from and when they’re online, and post relatable content when they are online to maximise visibility and engagement.

Tracking this over time on an overall, and by post, basis will highlight your engagement and reach rates and how users interact with your content and account.


The dashboard provides businesses and creators with tools to boost growth and overall efficiency.

With the ability to boost posts, manage your shop for shoppable posts and more, you are able to grow your following and reach a wider, untapped network. These tools not only grow your business, but make it easier to manage your account and promotions.

Other tools such as ‘Saved Replies’ and ‘FAQs’ add in manageable shortcuts to your account to facilitate instant responses to your followers, resulting in higher quality enquiries and better use of time. This is a good way to streamline your responses without losing your brand tone of voice and friendly personality!

Instagram is constantly developing the professional dashboard and will highlight new tools which could enhance your business account.


The ‘Stay Informed’ section provides educational resources for Instagram features and best practices. The platform is always updating this section to enhance experience for users with feature updates, new launches and top tips.

This section of the dashboard is also the perfect place to get content inspiration from other creators and similar accounts. So, whether you want to find out about the latest updates or you’re looking to up your insta-game, ‘Stay Informed’ with the professional dashboard.

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