This Week We Met Up With For-Sight & Here's What We Learned

24th Nov 22 . News

About For-Sight

For-Sight was established in 2007 by co-founders, Allan Nelson and Richard Bolton, who had a vision for a state-of-the-art and user-friendly CRM system for the hospitality industry. Since its launch, the product has evolved and now supports email campaigns and reporting systems, unlocking the full user journey. Their email platform, For-Email, works alongside For-Sight to allow you to manage guest data and target key demographics through your email strategy.

The company supports many hotels, such as Cameron House, Rockliffe Hall, Gleneagles and many more, cementing them as dominating leaders in the industry. We are lucky enough to be working with them with a number of our clients, and value the relationship we have established across many years of collaboration.

Making the Change to For-Sight

During the session, we learned that those currently using For-Sight’s CRM or reporting features can seamlessly integrate  with For-Email for their marketing campaigns. Furthermore, HubSpot training videos and documents are available for new users to familiarise themselves with the platform to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your For-Sight experience.

At Click2Convert, we work with For-Sight on a monthly basis to deliver top-quality and engaging email marketing for our clients based on their database of subscribers, stored in For-Sight and For-Email. As a user, we can’t compliment the platform enough - easy to use, excellent options for content components and linking, and fantastic formatting options making it the number-one choice for email campaigns.

Trigger-Emails For Remarketing

Trigger emails can be set up in For-Sight for targeting guests based on events, such as pre-stay, post-stay, festive, and seasonal campaigns. These trigger emails can serve to target loyalty, and can help to bring guests back to your hotel for future stays. For-Sight has the capacity to set up these trigger emails based on specific data lists for loyal and frequent guests, giving you the opportunity to reward loyalty with exclusive offers or deals. In turn, this may encourage brand loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing, with little spend.

GDPR Experts

Due to their financial background, For-Sight are clued up on the latest GDPR regulations in the UK, so you can rest assured that your guest data is safe and not at risk of a breach. If a guest should request a Subject Access Request (SAR), they can easily provide the data within the legal time-limit to ensure you do not experience any issues. After their start in the finance sector, For-Sight stated that the transition to GDPR guidelines was a natural and easy progression due to their, already streamlined, security protocols.

Transform Your Email Marketing 

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If you’re interested in starting your email campaign journey with For-Sight, you can visit their website for all the information you need to get the ball rolling on better results. They even offer a demo service, so you can try the product out to see how it meets your needs.

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