YouTube Introduces Unique Handles For All Users

03rd Oct 22 . News, Social Media

What’s the Update?

YouTube have announced that, over the coming weeks, they are making unique @handles available to all users with no subscriber requirement. This comes as a more user-friendly way to engage with users across the site, making it easier for creators to engage with each other and subscribers to engage with content tailored to them. With the new handles, a unique URL will also be generated making it easier to interact with creators they love.

YouTube has been focusing on the idea of community over the last few years and this new move will help support that further, with these handles able to be used in comments, video descriptions, community posts and more. This will also support growth, as creators will now be able to be tagged in video titles for cross audience exposure.

Over the next month, YouTube will be contacting creators to urge them to choose their new unique username, which will automatically generate their new URL, so users can easily direct to their YouTube channel from other sites.

What This Means For Your Business

This latest YouTube update comes as a welcome change for you and your business. By ensuring that matching usernames/URLs are displayed across all your sites and social media platforms, you can streamline the brand and your online presence. Identity online is extremely important in digital marketing and so, to ensure your audience can find you anywhere, it’s imperative that all usernames match. In the interest of brand health, this update could benefit your business as it serves as a way to ensure that copy-cat or scam accounts cannot attempt to engage your audience on YouTube and run fake competitions through your brand.

In addition, the handles could make it easier to track your brand health and manage your community by making it easier to find mentions and comments on other videos other than your own. This update seems to be a step in the right direction for YouTube and we can only hope that they continue to improve the user experience going forward.

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