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Cameron Lodges is a luxury lodge resort within the grounds of Cameron House Hotel and the Carrick Estate in Loch Lomond, Scotland (previously De Vere Luxury Lodges & QLodges).

In February 2017, C2C took over the Cameron Lodges PPC campaign. With a smaller budget than their previous PPC campaigns with another agency, we were tasked with improving the Click-through rate (CTR) whilst lowering the overall ad spend.

In order to meet these objectives, we focused on –

  • Creating engaging ad copy and using A/B testing to continually improve CTR
  • Testing keyword match types to maximise the budget
  • Introducing a negative keyword strategy to eliminate wasted spend
  • Introducing ad extensions such as sitelinks and callouts into the campaigns

The Results

  • CTR has increased by 10.12% in the months since we took over the campaign
  • Cost Per Click has decreased by 5p

Check out the Cameron Lodges website here:

We are delighted that Click2Convert have been able to increase our CTR whilst reducing our overall ad spend.

Allan Reich, Resort Director, Cameron Lodges