Village Gym: Programmatic, Digital-Out-Of-Home & Connected TV Case Study

Click2Convert undertook an ambitious programmatic, Digital-Out-of-Home and Connected TV (CTV) strategy with the aim of increasing leads to Village Gym’s 33 Health + Wellness Clubs nationwide.

With a "New Year, New You" focus, Village Gym approached Click2Convert to re-activate and invigorate their digital presence, and create an awareness-driving campaign targeting the highly competitive ‘Fitness Enthusiast’ audience. 

Our Solution

Click2Convert worked with our programmatic partner, a leading media buying provider, in order to:

  • Identify localised target demographics by mobile network data
  • Precisely target 18-44 year old fitness enthusiasts (with qualified sports & fitness interests) within a 12 min drive of a local Village Gym
  • Deliver a multi-channel campaign across Digital-Out-Of-Home, CTV and Programmatic Display
  • Activate the campaign during optimised ‘peak’ time periods based on audience signals

This meticulous audience segmentation allowed us to tailor our creative and messaging with precision; speaking directly to the interests and lifestyles of the target demographic. By narrowing our focus to those most likely to engage with Village Gym's offerings, we were able to optimise campaign performance towards awareness-driving and conversion.

The Results

Played across 356 screens across the UK, Click2Convert delivered a best-in-class campaign that directly targeted an audience of 1.6m fitness enthusiasts, across 3 channels. Despite January being highly competitive (as gyms wrestle for ad space), Village Gym saw a 167% uplift in the average number of people joining a Village Gym per day, and an 84% increase in the average number of leads.

This outcome not only validated Click2Convert’s data-driven, programmatic campaign approach, but also stands as a testament to the synergy between strategic planning, precise audience targeting, and the impactful execution in the dynamic landscape of programmatic, digital-out-of-home and CTV marketing.

Some kind words from:

“I have worked with Click2Convert for many years, as they continue to expand, evolve and innovate in the digital marketing sector. The team operate as an extension of our marketing department, providing in-depth insight and swift UX development to allow us to fine tune our customer journey, and ultimately drive acquisition. With Jen at the helm, ensuring campaigns are launched in line with our business needs, Callum hell-bent on expanding our online presence, and Dom in the driving seat for SEO, we make one heck of a marketing force. The sign of a great working partnership is when a meeting starts with one idea, and ends with a full-scale masterplan of digital domination.”

Siân Parker Leisure Marketing Manager

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