Evolving Your Paid Strategy in 2024

21st Jan 24 . News, Hospitality, PPC

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is not just a strategic advantage; it's a necessity. In 2024, online promotion and brand visibility are set to undergo profound transformations. The rapid pace of technological advancements, changing algorithms and shifting consumer behaviours present challenges and opportunities for your business.

From innovative strategies that harness the power of emerging technologies to subtle shifts in consumer expectations and habits, we’re highlighting our predicted changes in digital in 2024 - and giving you key insights into how you can take charge.

Evolving Your Paid Strategy in 2024

This year, Paid Media is set to undergo some significant changes, emphasising the need to build an effective channel mix that transcends conventional boundaries. Here's a glimpse into the shifts reshaping the channel in 2024:

Meta recently launched a new bottom-funnel campaign with features such as instant-form lead ads, a move away from solely driving high volumes of impressions and traffic. "Lead ads" typically involve forms that users can fill out with their information, such as name and email address. "Instant-form" suggests that these forms can be filled out quickly, without leaving the platform or going through multiple steps. With this new campaign type, the focus is now on the lower part of the sales funnel, emphasising actions that are closer to conversion, like generating leads.

Google launched their response to social last year, with Performance Max and Demand Gen campaign types aimed at driving brand awareness through high volumes of impressions and traffic via the wide variety of ad placements available across all of Google Networks.

Performance Max utilises advanced machine learning for optimised ad performance across platforms like Google Search, Display, and YouTube. Simultaneously, the Demand Gen campaign employs creative content to generate interest. Both campaigns share the goal of driving brand awareness through high impressions and traffic. The strategy for these campaigns involves a comprehensive approach, leveraging a variety of ad placements to reach specific audiences across different online activities. This initiative underscores Google's commitment to providing advertisers with powerful tools for effective audience engagement and brand promotion. Through running campaigns for our clients on these campaign types, we have found Performance Max to deliver better returns than generic search campaigns, at a very competitive CPC. They allow us, as advertisers, to target users throughout the full funnel with consistent messaging, leading to increased awareness and conversions.

TikTok makes a move towards being more than a social platform, offering search functionalities, and rivalling Google due to its impressive active user base. This move positions TikTok as a formidable contender to traditional search giants, particularly Google, due to its continually growing active user base.

The integration of search functionalities within TikTok signifies a recognition of users' evolving expectations in accessing information and content. In 2024, consumers are increasingly seeking immersive and multifaceted experiences from digital platforms, and TikTok's expansion beyond its original short-form video format aligns with this trend. The platform's search features may now enable users to discover a broader range of content, products, and services, transforming TikTok into a comprehensive destination for both entertainment and information.

The growing competition between TikTok and traditional search engines also underscores the increasing importance of diversification in digital marketing efforts. Advertisers may need to strategically allocate budgets and resources across platforms to maximise reach and impact, recognising that TikTok's active user base can complement and, in some cases, rival the reach achieved on more established search platforms. The shift away from conventional search engines highlights the growing importance of diversity in adapting to evolving trends, emerging technologies, and changing practices each year.

As advertising becomes more saturated across industries, it's becoming even more important to diversify your channel mix while maintaining a consistent message that resonates with the right user at the right stage of their purchase journey.

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