Navigating Changing Trends Across Social Media in 2024

10th Jan 24 . Social Media

2024 is going to be a big year for Social Media. With new platforms and features popping up in the last year, such as Threads and Instagram Notes, the goalposts are constantly changing. To keep your audience engaged and, more importantly, clicking, check out our predictions for trends coming in 2024.

Emphasis on Brand Authenticity

In 2024, authenticity continues to be a pivotal element in branding. This authenticity extends beyond products and brands; it is about being audience-centric and human-centric. Genuine, engaging content that resonates on a human level is key. Facebook Messenger becomes a key element in achieving, and maintaining, a fantastic relationship with your consumers and your business. By having a presence on Messenger, brands can benefit from one-to-one interactions, providing opportunities to provide customer service as well as opportunities for engagement.

Phasing Out of Third-Party Cookies

The projected end of third-party cookies by 2024 signals a shift in digital marketing strategies. Privacy concerns and consumer backlash against the use of third-party data urge brands to focus on building proprietary databases. Relying on first-party data, such as audience interactions on websites and social media, becomes imperative. So focus on growing your audience before these changes come into full effect to leverage the benefits of first-party contact.

Advancements in AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to evolve, presenting exciting opportunities for marketers. Improved AI generation capabilities, exemplified by platforms like MidJourney and Canva, empower users to create compelling visuals and designs with minimal input. AI's role in content creation and personalisation is set to expand.

Human Touch in User Engagement

User-generated content is predicted to gain prominence in 2024, with brands embracing a more human-centric approach. The trend involves a shift towards more relatable and accessible brand images. Conversational tones and storytelling become crucial tools for brands to connect authentically with their audiences.

TikTok: Steamrolling the Competition

As we ride the ongoing wave of TikTok's momentum into 2024, the platform's dominance in short-form video content remains unrivalled. With 1.677 billion global users in 2023, TikTok stands out as the go-to platform for engaging, bite-sized content, offering significant opportunities for brand engagement. To make the most of this platform, brands can adopt a comprehensive approach:

Consistent Posting

Regular and frequent posts keep brands visible and engaged with their audience, contributing to sustained growth.

Trend Participation

Staying attuned to, and participating in, trending topics and challenges ensures that brands stay relevant and connected within TikTok's dynamic landscape. And, who knows, you might just go viral!

Search Optimisation

Prioritising content optimisation for search using keywords, hashtags, and captions enhances discoverability, allowing brands to reach a broader audience actively seeking related content. As we know, TikTok is becoming a popular choice for seeking information, so jump on this and get your brand out there.

Influencer Partnerships

Investing in influencer partnerships aligns brands with established audiences and adds authenticity to their presence. By collaborating with influencers, brands can tap into existing fanbases, fostering trust and credibility. Do some research, and find fantastic influencers who can shout out your brand.

Aside from TikTok and its dominating over the social media world, Instagram Reels still hold significant value in audience growth and impressions. Like with TikTok, you should post consistently with trending content backed up with attractive high-quality assets and a well-researched hashtag strategy.

Don’t Be Afraid To Reuse Content in 2024

Reusing top-performing content is a smart strategy to consider in 2024. When you've created content that resonates well with your audience and garners high engagement, it's a valuable asset that shouldn't be a one-time use. Here's an expanded perspective on the benefits and ways to leverage this approach:

Maximising Reach and Impact:

  • By repurposing successful content, you have the opportunity to maximise its reach and impact. Not all of your followers may have seen the initial post, and even those who did might appreciate a second exposure. This can lead to increased visibility and engagement over time.

Consistency in Brand Messaging:

  • Reusing top-performing content allows you to maintain consistency in your brand messaging. If a particular piece of content reflects your brand identity and values, sharing it again reinforces these aspects and helps in building a strong and recognisable brand image.

Adapting Across Platforms:

  • The versatility of successful content is evident when it can be adapted across different platforms. Whether it's a Reel, TikTok video, or an Instagram image, you can modify the format to suit the specific requirements of each platform. This not only saves time but also ensures that your content is tailored for maximum impact on each platform.

Understanding Audience Preferences:

  • Analysing the performance of content provides valuable insights into your audience's preferences. By identifying patterns in what works well, you can refine your content strategy and create more of what your audience wants. Reusing successful content becomes a part of a data-driven approach to content creation.

Building a Content Library:

  • Over time, reusing top-performing content contributes to building a comprehensive content library. This library becomes a valuable resource that you can draw from, especially during periods when creating new content might be challenging. It also serves as a reference point for understanding the evolution of your brand's content strategy.

Encouraging User Participation:

  • When users see content that has previously garnered high engagement, they might be more inclined to participate in the conversation or share the content with their network. It creates a sense of community and reinforces the idea that your brand produces content worth engaging with.

Time Efficiency:

  • Repurposing content is a time-efficient strategy. Instead of constantly creating entirely new material, you can focus on optimising what has already proven to be successful. This allows you to maintain a consistent posting schedule without compromising on quality and can also provide valuable learnings about your audience.

In conclusion, reusing top-performing content is not just about recycling; it's a strategic move that aligns with audience preferences, reinforces brand identity, and contributes to the overall effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.

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