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28th Feb 22 . PPC

In today’s ever changing climate, diligent data-driven testing is more important than ever, for any business looking to grow. 

Within PPC marketing, testing allows advertisers to evaluate the success and efficacy of a campaign. It is an ideal way to learn more about your audience and optimise your marketing efforts. Through comprehensive testing, you can increase user engagement, improve content, reduce bounce rates, increase conversion rates, and so much more.

The most common way to carry out a PPC test is by running experiments within the Google Ads platform, meaning that that they are perfectly aligned with real production data. These experiment campaigns, which share traffic and budget from the original campaign, are created to test changes to your campaign. This helps advertisers better understand the repercussions of proposed changes and improve the quality of the overall campaign performance.

To make this process easier for advertisers, Google launched an update to the testing feature in the online interface, in January 2022, which has aided the production, management and optimisation of experiments.

The update is a welcomed and desired change for both beginners and expert Google Ads users. To create an experiment campaign before the update, marketers had to follow the same setup process as they would for the original campaign, but instead with proposed changes, on a separate draft. This process took significant amount of time given the number of tests being carried out, developed complications and was considered a roadblock to the creation of Google Ads.

Now, with the new experiment page update, there is no longer the need to create separate campaign drafts when developing an experiment. Instead, custom experiments can be created, monitored and executed with a series of singular steps, as well as automatically syncing changes made to the original campaign.

New Experiment Workflow

When executing an experiment campaign, marketers can now designate how much budget and traffic they would like from their original campaign to be used in the experiment, and how long they would like to run the experiment for. This makes it a much more seamless and time-effective process.

Monitoring Performance

After you’ve implemented your experiment campaign, the new experiments page allows all experiments to be monitored in one place. By closely monitoring how experiments are performing compared to the original campaign, it allows marketers to compare and understand which strategies deliver better return on investment, and therefore make more informed decisions regarding future campaign strategies.

If the experiment performs much better than the original campaign, then experiments can be applied with one single click to the original campaign, or test data can be used to create a new campaign.

Automatic Sync 

The new automatic sync update means that any changes made to the base campaign will automatically sync with experiments. This new feature is turned on by default when setting up an experiment campaign, and can be turned off with one click, making the experiment set-up process extremely easy and adaptable.

This means that, as marketers, we no longer need to manually transfer changes from original campaigns to experiments, again saving time.


Overall, the update was welcomed and is now proving to be extremely beneficial to those in the industry. The systematic process of allocating budget and time towards experiments, whilst setting-up the original campaign, will encourage rigorous data-driven testing, save a significant amount of time from eliminating the need to create new experiment drafts, and help greatly with campaign monitoring and optimisation.

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