New Performance Max ads for travel goals

16th Aug 22 . News, PPC

Hey, hoteliers… What if we told you there was going to be one, hotel specific, single campaign type which can serve ads across all Google properties?

You would check your calendar thinking it was Christmas already, right?

Well, Google is in fact going to release this in 2022 and we are very excited about what this means for our hospitality clients and other hoteliers. This release is to be named Performance Max for travel goals.

Performance Max campaigns have been around for a while now, and they will be the next generation upgrade of Smart Shopping campaigns before the end of September 2022.

However, this hotel specific feature of the campaign will allow us to create property specific asset groups. These asset groups will include auto-generated images, descriptions and videos, all of which are editable. Not only that, but Google will be adding pre-populated audience hints to help with targeting and property specific reporting.

Google is citing a +13% increase in total incremental conversions from advertisers using Performance Max campaigns. This is achieved by using automated bidding, dynamic creative, targeting and data driven measurement technology. This sounds great, but most of this Performance Max experience has been around for a few months already, so what’s different with the travel goals release?

Well, Performance Max for travel goals will drive additional traffic through inventory targeting of hotel property queries on Search. This, tied in with the placements across Display, YouTube, Gmail, Maps and Discovery is set to provide incremental reach to existing campaigns.

Who we think this will benefit:

- Hoteliers with limited time for creative production for multiple campaign types. Performance Max will be customisable via Google Ads Editor too, to really speed things up!

- Those hotel owners looking for massive reach, as well as increasing bookings across all Google properties.

- Those keen to test new placements for their business.

We would love to share more with you now, but the feature is in Beta testing and is expected to be available via a gradual rollout later this year.

For us geeky PPC types, it’s like waiting for Christmas!

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