The Future of SEO in 2024: Embracing Google's Search Generative Experience and Perspectives

Dominic Bryce
18th Jan 24 . Dominic Bryce . News, Hospitality, SEO

Surprise surprise, SEO is evolving (again!).

Google is switching things up, introducing features that will mean you'll have to pivot your SEO strategy and adapt.

Here's what you need to know in preparation for Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE), as well as Google's Perspectives filter in 2024:

What is Google SGE and Perspectives Filter?

Search Generative Experience (SGE):

Google's SGE adds a new rich snippet above position 1 in search results, with an AI generated summary of information from across the web.

The idea is that this will make finding answers within Google will be easier and faster. It will also allow Google to better compete with increasingly popular generative AI tools as well as social platforms such as TikTok where users can find an answer to a question more easily than Google's tradition ten blue links.

Hotel search result for 'hotels in toronto' from Google's beta Search Generative Experience AI summary


Update on 18th March 2024: The "Perspectives" filter has been renamed to "Forums" filter, which is a better description what what users will find when clicking this search filter and will not include social media and video as previously announced. According to Search Engine Roundtable, Perspectives will still feature in Carousels and Clusters, within normal Google search results. Read more on the new Forums and Perspectives here.

Google Perspectives is a new filter within Google search, that will offer personal viewpoints around a topic, and different types of content such as social videos and forum posts.

This will mean that more channels including social platforms, forums and 3rd party websites may play an important role in SEO strategies in the near future. Reddit and Quora are good examples of the types of third party websites, both of whom experienced growth following Google's Helpful Content updates according to Amsive's SEO performance study.

Google Perspectives filter example mobile search results using 'vision pro apple' search

Key Strategies for Preparation

Optimising your online presence requires a shift in strategy. Consider these key preparations to stay on top of your digital marketing efforts:

Evolve Your SEO Approach:

Diversify your content strategy to incorporate unique points of view, this will help distinguish you in search results, but also potentially give you access to a wider range of Google surfaces and features (e.g. Google Discover, carousels).

Don't be afraid to find your own voice, or using the voice of your expert authors: Cyrus Shepard's SEO study found that first-person pronouns, as well as first-hand experience strongly correlated with improved organic search performance after Google's Helpful Content Updates (HCU).

Explore viewpoints that stray from the mainstream consensus to add more depth and authenticity to your content: Rather than focusing exclusively on articles based on keywords, think about providing new angles and covering niche topics, as well as featuring personal points of view for a more human-centric touch to your content strategy.

Prioritise E-E-A-T:

Incorporate Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust (E-E-A-T) into your content. Google displays information about who created the content you see in search results, so authors may be a requirement for credible content.

Focusing on these elements ensures your content meets search algorithm standards and resonates positively with your audience:

1. Highlight the experience and relevant background of your content creators, particularly qualifications and real life experience in the sector or topic (especially in YMYL categories).

2. Demonstrate expertise through well-researched and insightful content, be sure to cite your sources, and link to high authority as well as official research backing up the information, claims and stats in your content.

3. Establish authority by consistently producing high-quality, up-to-date thought-leadership content.

4. Create trust, avoid sensationalism, provide accurate business and author information, make sure people can get in touch with you via the website, ensure your website is has an SSL certificate, privacy policy and more.

Strategic Content Creation:

Regularly produce content that encourages return visits. Google's personalisation means it gives preferential treatment to websites users have engaged with previous, based on search history, interests and much more.

Some potential ways to encourage return visits include:

1. Creating article series'

2. Ensuring each article targets the same customer personas and interests

3. Encouraging newsletter and social sign ups (and sharing new content)

4. A consistent schedule creating high value pieces

5. Internal linking between content to increase dwell time, exposure to your brand and encourage future brand recall

Get On Board with Reviews

Google has patents on sentiment analysis, such as analysing product review sentiment and assigning it a sentiment score, as well as extracting and analysing sentiment from social and UGC. We have also seen Google release Product Review updates, that focus on the quality of in-depth reviews.

Reviews have been important for users selecting a product or service for a long time, and so Google factors in reviews in many ways, including within hotel marketing for Google Hotel Search and Local SEO, which studies show are influenced by:

1. Number of reviews

2. Review score

3. Sustained reviews over time

4. Keywords in reviews

5. Responses to reviews

6. Number of new reviews

Reviews are a great way for Google to understand the legitimacy of your business using reviews. Actively managing your review platforms, keeping them up to date, and responding to reviews are essentially a reflection of the quality of your customer service in digital form, and so are an essential piece of the puzzle.

If you're interested in getting prepared for Google SGE, Perspectives, or in content strategy, E-E-A-T and review management, then get in touch with us now for a no obligation chat.

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